Goodnature App

Goodnature is a company that design humane traps for pests (such as rats, mice, etc).

They needed an app that would help the users of their traps

  • get the best performance from them by telling the user when the trap needed more lure

  • Understand how many pests it had humanely killed

1. User flow

I facilitated a brainstorming session with the client and the development team to understand the user's tasks when managing a trap and steps within each task.

2. Initial wireframe sketches

To help project estimations I created some intial rough wireframes so that the team could best understand the Goodnatureapp's potential shape and function.

3. Detailed wireframes

I then created detailed wireframes, identifying specific functionality and content.


Task 1: Teaching users how the traps work

Onboarding was a priority as users need to understand their traps in order to get the best performance out of them. 



Task 2: Adding traps

Users who already understood their traps could dive right in and start adding to the Goodnatureapp



Task 3: Collecting information about the traps

By understanding the details of their trap we could remind them when they needed refills. This would pave the way for them to see how their success were tracking later on.



Task 4: Getting reminders

I used the pattern of 'stating why we need to get notifications, then getting the user to opt in' to help the user to understand why we need these permission.



Task 5: Getting reminded

Once their lure needed a refill, the Goodnatureapp tells them which of their traps needs updating. The reminders are scheduled every month so that users with multiple traps are not being bombarded with alerts.



Task 6: Celebrating trapping successes

After many discusses with the client I established that the community behind the good nature traps was very strong. It was therefore important to make the Goodnature app tightly tied to that community.

The successes screen really brought the whole app together to help customers understand their own trapping successes as well as how they're contributing to the success of the community and the country. 


4. Coaching Usability testing and UI design

To encourage client buy in on this project, I suggested and carried out training with their graphic designer. This included training and feedback for the UI designs and coaching them in the practice of Usability Testing.

Some examples of the UI

UI Design by Goodnature team