Insurance. Simplified.

Trade Me Insurance was a newcomer to the insurance market. The goal was to take the uncertainty out of getting insured while working with a well established underwriter (complete with legacy systems to integrate with).

Understanding how we would fit into the greater service

The service blueprint / requirements

Using Service Design tools to understand the insurance business the client and the project team joined me in creating this rough-and-ready service design blueprint. This ensured that the client and the team were all on the same page regarding the working process and acted as a basis for the requirements for this project

Underneath the blueprint I placed the strategy document and initial sketches that I'd created to give context to any conversations happening around this work.

UX Design - getting an insurance quote 

The approach for this was to be mobile first and transparent about the financial impact of any data that the user gave throughout the process of getting a quote.

Mobile approach

All selection (where possible) functions were displayed as buttons large enough for a tap.

Transparency of the process was shown through a bar at the bottom of the screen that indicated cost of premium and displayed updates dynamically as the user made selections.

UI Design by Heyday Digital